5 reasons why you should choose COD as a payment gateway

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  • 15/04/2022

Specialists consider that the COD as a payment gateway created a revolution in the world of e-commerce and greatly improved the experience of customers, especially Arab shoppers, for many reasons, most notably the weakness of the payment methods offered in Arab countries and the lack of Arab trust in electronic payment methods.

Cash On Delivery (COD), means postponing the payment process until the customer or buyer receives the product.

The customer can choose the products he wants to purchase from the store and order it. For the payment solution, the customer chooses to pay once he receives the product at the address he mentioned in the order details.

In this article, we will show you the "5 reasons why you should choose cash on delivery as a successful payment gateway in your store":

  1. Shopping freely and simply , being able to buy products without the need to have bank accounts or a credit card.
  2. Pay the product after you receive it and ensure its safety, which increases the sense of trust and security during the shopping process, the thing that encourages many customers shoppers to go through this experience.
  3. Protecting personal data and sensitive information from theft, fraud and hacking, as the purchase process does not require any customer banking information.
  4. Ease of returning the product before making the payment in case it does not match the product ordered or the specifications mentioned in the store do not match.
  5. Ensuring the availability of the product before payment, and not falling into the trap of running out of stock issues, which is not usually shown on the website due to technical problems in most cases.

If you have any question about today’s topic the “5 reasons why you should choose cash on delivery as a  payment solution for your store”, then ask it below in the comments box or give us other tips through your experience to share the benefits it with everyone.

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