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Store Languages

Don't waste your time in translation, choose your store's language from over 10 available languages in just 30 seconds. Attracting sales should be your only focus.

FB pixel

Multi FB Pixels Support

Are you afraid of losing your data stored in a single Facebook pixel? Now with YouCan, it's easy to add as many Facebook pixels as you want to your store, and it's 100% free.


Distribute sales on multiple Stripe accounts

You can add as many Stripe accounts as you like to your store, and collect and transfer sales to them simultaneously. For example, if you have 2 Stripe accounts, you'll be able to add them both to your store, and transfer funds to them in parallel, so that even if something goes wrong with the first account, you won't lose everything and the second account will work as a backup to keep you from putting your work at risk until the problem with the first account is resolved.

Data analysis

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

YouCan product pages rank higher as you can edit the meta titles, meta slug and meta descriptions for each product.

Product page

COD Manager

Did you know that YouCan provides you with everything you need to manage your store? With the integrated COD Manager program, you can monitor your team, monitor phones, manage your call center, know how many orders have been delivered, and stay up to date with all the daily reports to have 100% control of your store for free.

Express checkout

Social media pixels integration

We offer you the possibility to configure your store to be pixel compliant with all social media plugins in a quick and easy way. You will no longer have any problems with Facebook Pixel, Snapchat Pixel, Tiktok Pixel, Twitter Pixel, Pinterest Pixel ... and so on.



Do I have to pay for updates ?

No! We are constantly updating our platform, adding new models and you can get all this for FREE! WHY? Because YouCan is on the cloud, and when we update or add new features, they automatically appear in your account!

Why should I buy credit to activate my store?

To avoid opening fake accounts on the YouCan platform, you can activate your account by buying credit starting from 1 dollar to ensure that the account is not fake.

Can I use different domain names for my store?

We offer you the possibility to link your store with an unlimited number of domains, use up to 100+ domains in your store and start making sales.

Can anyone see my store data ?

YouCan is very keen to protect its customers' data, that is why the platform was developed according to the best technical conditions related to the protection of identity, rights, freedoms, and private life, and everything that might affect them through the use of information, in full respect for the provisions of Law N° 09.08 related to the protection of private persons towards processing data of a personal nature. The platform underwent several monitoring procedures before its launch, and currently, there is no vulnerability regarding the safety of our customers, and we also have an internal charter regarding the processing of personal data. In addition, the support staff is restricted to accessing only the information necessary to accomplish their tasks.

How many visitors and products can't be surpassed in the store?

You can add an unlimited number of products and receive an unlimited number of qualified visitors excluding fake visitors. YouCan enables you to create, develop and manage your store without limitations.

Should I learn programming and design to create a professional store?

No, you don't need to be a developer or designer to create a professional store on YouCan. As we provide you with all the features and applications you need to attract customers to your store. However, we always advise you to develop your technical skills to be able to face future challenges by adding different CSS codes.

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