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Our powerful ecommerce software gives you all the features you need to build an online store, but is much more than a website builder. We give you the tools to streamline your online business so you can focus on what you do best — selling.

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Our support team will help you from the very first step, we’re available 24/7 to get your online store up and running, our purpose is to get you sale asap, No sales = No Charges, we are a partner with you in success we are not a liability.

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Aspects and characteristics


A professional electronics store

You will not need technical expertise or software to create your online-store, with a few clicks you can start to create your online store, and connect it to your personal domain that represents your business.


Professional design and other services

The YouCan platform provides you with a professional design, simple and easy to handle, you can build special offers from your store for your products in an elegant way with the help of many services you will not find in any other platform !


Ease of product addition and inventory tracking

YouCan provides you with a simple and easy way to add the details of your different products either finished or customized or digital ... in all finesse, and also allows you to track your store gradually.


Management and follow up customer requests

YouCan provides you with simple tools to track customer requests on your e-store, and present it in a simple and efficient way with the ability to divide it into different sectors.


Create a client list

Simplify your work and create a list of customers with all their information ( name, phone number, number of purchase times … )


Professional marketing tools

Youcan provides you with a set of free professional sales tools, which you can not find in another e-commerce Platform, so that you can market your products in a structured way, and target a new clientele.


Special Offers and coupons

Who doesn't like Special Offers and discounts? Your customers will always observe these offers, in order to contribute, YouCan provided excellent tools to promote your special offers and your various promotions on your products with the ability to specify the details of the promotion, ( type of promo, percentage, promo sign, all products in promo, duration of the promotion ... etc. )


Different payment options

We have provided you with different types of payment, some are developed, like for instance, payment by card (Strip) or from a Paypal account, or, the traditional way, a bank transfer, western union or payment on delivery !


Confirm the payment

To facilitate the sale, we have provided many features to keep track of the process, from verifying the information, to highlighting the reasons for the failure of the payment process, and to communicate with the customer after the process.


Text message

Staying in touch with the customer, or payment and purchase confirmation, YouCan platform, has developed an SMS service to facilitate communication between you and the customer, for a more direct communication to follow the purchase process between seller and customer.



As of today, you will no longer need to write your invoices manually, on YouCan, you can do it automatically in as an electronic invoice format, which contains all the information of the store and the customer, which you can then print out and share in case of a request from the customer.


Detailed reports to measure your company's performance

Detailed reports, on a regular basis, to better understand the profitability of your store and your sales . ( Number of customers, number of orders, most requested items, least ordered items, etc.)


Professional technical Assistance

Throughout the beginning, a group of creative and professional will accompany you, they will always be with you to assist you in your needs at the store, they will answer all your questions and guide you.


YouCan Academy

The You Can academy is an encyclopedia that contains explanations and solutions for any problem you may face, it contains simple and professional tutorials that is updated consecutively. Team YouCan Academy aims to provide explanations in all languages.


Training courses and periodic meetings

Youcan will not be limited on the Internet, but will present trainings led by successful business groups, and e-commerce specialists to help you achieve your dream.

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