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cod management feature

Seamless COD Management

Manage your Cash on Delivery orders in one place, from leads management to order confirmation and shipping.

Google Sheet Integration Feature

Google Sheet Integration

Scale and speed up your business operations by leveraging the power of our seamless Google Sheet integration

multi currency feature

Multi Currency Converter

Offer a customized experience to your customers. Your store currency will be automatically converted based on your customers location.

customize your checkout feature

Express checkout form

Allow your visitor to order the product on the same page. Less steps, more conversion!

customize your checkout feature

Customize your checkout

Make it easier for your customers to complete the checkout. Customize the fields and request only the necessary information.

one click upSell feature

One Click UpSell

Increase your sales effortlessly with our upsell feature that shows your customers attractive offers right after they purchase.

Seo Support Feature

SEO Support

Rank your product pages higher in search results. Get free access to the tools you need to increase organic traffic to your store.

pixel integration feature

Pixels Integration

Drive quality leads to your store thanks to our easy-to-setup pixel integration of most advertising platforms.

product reviews feature

Products Reviews

Increase your store's conversion by up to 50% by adding real reviews from your happy past customers.

abandoned cart feature

Abandoned Carts

Give your abandoned cart customers the push they need to complete their purchase with our free email targeting feature.

skip cart feature

Skip Cart

Reduce friction for your customers. Direct them directly from your product page to the checkout page.

multiple-stripe feature

Multiple Stripe Accounts Support

You can connect your store with more than one Stripe account. This way you keep your business safe and secure.