About YouCan

YouCan is an integrated platform specialized in e-commerce, Managed by Taas (RC 138307) offering a wide range of services needed by merchants and entrepreneurs. YouCan is a simple and easy online service, accessible to all, allows you to create a store and sell online.

Our history

The evolution of e-commerce in the world has prompted us to create an integrated platform with everything you need to facilitate the process and to conquer this growing market. We have taken advantage of the great e-commerce experience accumulated by our ambassadors from all over the world over the years, an experience that has changed their lives to become pioneers in this market in the eyes of millions of young people.
The year 2018 was the beginning. We programmed the YouCan platform and made it available exclusively to certain users, and from there, the change began, as the platform users earned over $12 million in sales in one year, so we decided after that it was time to share the platform and make it available to everyone.
YouCan has made a difference for so many users, helped many young people earn money and provided many job opportunities.


Our mission

We believe that the e-commerce is the best solution to offer job opportunities and move the wheel of the economy forwards.
We decided to start today in order to facilitate the process of professionalizing, managing and developing e-commerce by providing free training courses and bringing in major marketers from all over the world to create high-quality educational content.
The courses will be simplified for everyone to easily apply them and achieve impressive results, and to become a professional in the world of e-commerce.


Start Today

Stand up, take our hand and embark on an adventure that will change your life and add your story to the stories of successful young people who were able to change their lives through e-commerce. Start now and create your online store with YouCan. Start your project now for free and pay a very small commission that ranges from 0.25% to 0.1% when you achieve bigger sales.

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