More than 4,500 participants joined the largest e-commerce event in Morocco and the Arab world, organized by YouCan

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  • 05/07/2024

In a historical event and for the first time organized by a 100% Moroccan organization, more than 4,500 e-commerce players from different Moroccan cities and Arab countries gathered at the Mohammed V Complex on January 17 to participate in YouCan's annual forum, which coincided with the fourth anniversary of the platform's launch.

Many surprises and figures were announced during the program, including exclusive data on the platform's performance over the past year and the unveiling of new innovative projects that the platform plans to launch this year.

In a statement by Mr. Akram Benmbarek (President and Co-Founder of YouCan), he revealed the pace of growth of transaction numbers on the platform: "Since the launch of the platform in 2020, the total gross merchandise volume (GMV) realized on the platform jumped from $88 million in the first year to $753 million in 2023, with $259 million GMV realized in 2021 and $401 million GMV recorded in 2022."

In a statement following the announcement of YouCan's upcoming projects, Mr. Mohamed El Ghaissani (CEO and co-founder of YouCan) said: "We intend to introduce new services that will be a game changer in the e-commerce space in Morocco. "Today, anyone can learn e-commerce from industry veterans directly through YouCan Academy through specialized training courses. You can now source products from YouCan Catalog, display them in a professional online store on YouCan Shop, reserve a domain name for the store on YouCan Domaine, and once the seller receives their first orders, they will find YouCan Confirm to effectively confirm these orders, then proceed to YouCan Fulfill to assemble, pack, package, and deliver the orders to customers. There's also YouCan Pay to take all payments locally for now, and internationally soon. It's all interconnected in one platform, YouCan Business."

Special sessions were also organized to share successful experiences in the field of e-commerce, and the event also witnessed the participation of a group of social media influencers in an interesting conversation with Simo Life, which addressed the most important strategies and secrets to build a personal brand and leverage its power to generate profits.

Speaking about the event, Simo Life emphasized: "The first and foremost goal of this important event is the impact and positive influence that we wanted all participants to have. We were very keen to host successful and empowered people from the industry, and we allowed everyone to make some of the best connections within the event venue. (what we call "Networking"), as well as coming up with techniques and tactics presented by people who have experienced them and made millions with them, we deliberately presented more than one case study of products that have achieved millions of sales in Morocco and the Gulf markets. I am very proud today to see more than 120 leading sellers on the platform being honored in front of thousands of aspirants, and I do not doubt that next year, God willing, we will have hundreds of winners on this platform."

The event included musical breaks and comedy performances by Mehdi Mezine, the rapper Wanza, the artist Basso, and the comedian duo Said and Wadie, who entertained the audience.

The event concluded with the Moroccan national team's victory over the Tanzanian national team by a clean three-goal margin in the African Nations Championship group qualifiers, which was broadcast on the stage screen.

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