3 mistakes you must avoid in dropshipping

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  • 15/04/2022

Many new marketers make fatal mistakes in the dropshipping that frustrate them and make them waste their money.in this articles we will inlight the most prominent of these mistakes:

1 - Not paying attention to the shipping details:

Among the most important reasons that cause great financial losses for sellers, and that make customers cancel their orders, is when there is a  delay in receiving their orders. Often that's happened because  you didn't read the shipping details, so you thought the product would be shipped in only a few days, while it actually takes many weeks.

So if you want not to fall into this trap, you should review the details well, pay attention to the different shipping delays in different countries, and try to avoid products that take more than 4 weeks to reach the customer.

2 - Ship more through sales websites

Focusing on shipping  through sales websites, whether global such as eBay, or local websites, is a good way for beginners, as it is a way to learn the basics and understand the shipping process.

The risk here is this method is not a successful way to achieve profits, as most shoppers now are directed to websites with customizable products , and they escape the websites that sell all products, in search of quality and differentiation.

Also; creating an independent online store attracts customers more, as it makes them feel secure and safe.Beside that, your online store  gives you many advantages such as direct communication with customers and building a database for you.

3 - Display multiple products in a new online store

Among the most known mistakes that dropshippers make is to show a new online store as a big store, so they fill it with many different products to convince customers that it contains everything they want, but some customers doubt the credibility of the store when they face such a situation.

In addition the variety of the store will create difficulty and  problems for the seller. For example, 100 customers buy 100 different products, the seller and put a huge pressure on him, especially if the seller has no staff.

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