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In response to our user's requests and to continue providing more features, characteristics, and tools that help sellers enhance their experience within the platform and improve the shopping experience for their online stores, we have developed a new set of themes to enhance the overall appearance of the store and make it more appealing and user-friendly.

A new option has been added to the "Store" section called "Themes," which provides you with a collection of ready-made designs that you can easily customize according to the needs of your business and personal taste.

You can now access a variety of available themes and choose the one that suits you. Afterwards, you can install and customize it as you wish. We will continuously work on adding more new themes to cater to different preferences.

Guided walkthrough of setting up and customising the theme workshop

Once the theme is installed, you can start the customization process using the "New Theme Editor." This editor provides you with numerous tools and options to quickly and easily set up and design the appearance of your store.

On the editor's dashboard, you will discover a variety of helpful choices to tailor your store with utmost ease. You can preview the changes you make with a button click, precisely select the pages you want to customize, and save the changes you've made, among other options.

On the left side, you can customize sections and blocks. Thus, you can easily add, delete, or rearrange elements according to your store's needs. On the right side, it is dedicated to the settings of each section and block.

Note that each section or block has its customization settings. Thus, you can change colors, fonts, and other settings to adjust the appearance to your liking.

Notice Bar :

To set up your store's notice bar, click the "Notice Bar" option. Automatically, a set of selections will appear on the right margin that you can perform based on your preferences. This includes writing and editing the notice text, showing or hiding the notice bar by activating or deactivating the "Show notice bar" button, adjusting the bar's height through the "Height" button, changing the notice text font size, and altering the text and background colors.

Navbar :

To set up this section of the store header, select the "NavBar" option. On the opposite side, you will find a range of tools. You can utilise them to conceal or display the navigation bar by clicking the "Hide navbar" button. Moreover, you can add your logo via the "Logo" button, regulate the bar's height using the "Height" button, modify the background color through the "Background color" button, select the colour of links and items on the bar through the "Items and links color" button, choose the font family using the "Font family" button, and more.

Store Footer :

This option is for adding your social media links to your store's footer. Additionally, you can hide or show the footer through the "Hide footer" button, add your logo through the "Logo" button, modify the footer's background color through the "Background color" button, select the text color through the "Text color" button, show or hide social media through the "Social media" button, write any text indicating your brand ownership or other information in the "Copyright text" section, and determine the top border color through the "Top border color" button.

To add any social media site, simply press the "Social media" block inside the footer section, and on the right side, you will have the option to upload the logo or icon of the site via the "Social media icon" option. Additionally, you can paste the site link in the designated "Url" box. You can add all the sites you are active on without any restrictions. Each time you want to add a new site, press the "Add Bloc" button.

For the lists present on the bar, you can set them up by pressing the "Menu settings" button, which takes you to the main control panel to do so.

Slider :

When you click on the "slider" section, a set of settings automatically appears on the right margin, allowing you to customize a slider suitable for both desktop and mobile easily. To add a slider, click on "slider image" and then click on "select image." You can write a short text on the image you uploaded as a slider through the "Slider content" area. You can also customize a button that takes the shopper directly to a specific product through the "Button text" option and link this button to the product through the "Link button to product" option. Explore the other settings in this section and customize as needed.

Multi-column :

Among the additional features introduced by the new templates is a section called Multi-column, where you can customize it according to your preferences. In each box, you can highlight what sets you apart from your competitors, additional services that distinguish your store, or anything else that can attract the customer's attention. By clicking on this option, customization tools associated with it appear on the other margin. Set a suitable title for this section, specify the number of columns you prefer, choose the background color and its placement on the homepage, as well as control the spaces above and below it and other sections. If you don't need this section, you can delete it by pressing the "delete section" button. If you find it useful, press the units related to this section and customize each box/column individually, adding images, inserting titles, and providing explanatory text. You can easily add or delete any column.

Featured Products :

If you want to showcase some featured products to your customers on the homepage, this section is for you. Customize the number of products deserving front and center display, presenting them elegantly and organized in a suitable location on the homepage. Simply press the "featured products" option and then control various customizations available in the right margin: set a title for this section, adjust the title's position, show or hide the product title, modify the text color, determine the number of columns precisely for desktop and mobile through the "Number of columns" button, and other settings.

Products Slider :

This section allows you to display specific products in a scrollable gallery, allowing you to customize this space for limited-time offers. You can set an appropriate title for this part, control the spaces between it and other sections from the top and bottom through the "Space top" and "Space bottom" buttons, change the background color and text colors, specify a precise duration for the offers by entering the time of each offer exactly. There are other useful settings on the right margin; explore them and preview the changes you make.

Featured Collections :

If you have a diverse range of products or services, you can professionally display them in this section to enhance the diversity of your store and make your new collections shine. This offers various options to your customers, enticing them to make purchases and find what they're looking for. You can easily add categories through this section by pressing the "category" button and selecting the category you want to display here. Each time you want to add a new section, press the "Add Section" button and then customize the type of section you want to add. You can also add any other element from the units within the previous sections by pressing the "Add Bloc" button. Always monitor how the settings appear on both desktop and mobile by toggling between "desktop" and "mobile" in the top bar of the editor. You can preview any edit you make at any time by pressing the preview icon at the top of the editor, shaped like an eye.

This was a general overview of the template editor's control panel and the most important settings you can make on your store's homepage. To customize other pages, simply select the page you want to customize from the top bar of the editor and make the necessary changes easily. If you encounter any difficulties or cannot find what you're looking for or have any inquiries about "themes," feel free to contact the support team at: [email protected].

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