New feature: the ability to block the IP by country


A new feature has been added to YouCan that will allow you to filter access to your store based on countries.

From now on, you can easily adjust and specify the countries you want to target for displaying your store’s products. This new feature will greatly assist you in reducing fraudulent orders that come from unwanted “traffic,” relieving you from dealing with visitor traffic from countries where you don’t sell or ship.

To use this feature, head to your store’s settings and look for the Access Control option within the general settings. You will find three options that allow you to control the regions your store targets. You can either open up access to visitors from all around the world, block access from certain undesirable countries or restrict access only to specific countries of your choice.

This feature will undoubtedly improve your online store experience and help you eliminate the hassle of dealing with fraudulent orders coming from all directions. As a result, it will allow you to focus your efforts solely on the areas you’re already targeting in your business. Start using this new feature and let your business grow and thrive smoothly!

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