New themes at YouCan: Make your store stand out!


There is no doubt that the visual appearance of the store plays a crucial role in influencing visitors and customers. It is the factor that creates the first impression and attracts people to your store or vice versa, as well as helping to differentiate your project from your competitors. This mainly depends on your store's design.

YouCan provides a set of tools on the dashboard to professionally design your store with flexibility, according to each user's preferences. But what's new and exciting now is that you can customize attractive themes for your store without the need for additional settings.

YouCan's new themes make designing your store easier than ever. You can now customize the appearance of your store from all aspects using ready-to-modify sections. Simply customize each bloc and each page to suit your store.

Moreover, you can easily preview all the changes you make with a single click. This allows you to check how your store looks to your customers on all devices, including mobile phones.

To benefit from this feature, log in to your YouCan account and go to the "Store" section. Click on the "Themes" option, and you will be taken to a page displaying your current theme along with a selection of other available themes.

Choose the theme that suits your store from the available options and make the necessary customizations. 

Note: Please be aware that when you activate a specific theme for the first time, the old/default theme will be permanently deleted. Therefore, you should carefully choose the theme before clicking on the "Activate" button. To avoid any unwanted surprises, you can customize any template to your needs and preview it before activation to check if it suits you.

We always strive at YouCan to enhance the selling online experience. Stay tuned for more new themes on the dashboard, and get ready to redesign your stores in a new and attractive way.

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