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Changing YouCan subdomain from to

Our team has been working diligently to improve our services and provide an even better experience for you and your visitors. As a part of this effort, we are transitioning to a new subdomain structure to enhance the overall performance of our platform.

Accordingly, the "subdomain" ( links will be automatically redirected to «» for a limited time. So, if you are not using a custom Domain Name, here are some actions you may need to take to avoid facing issues with your ads campaign and the loss of your data

Action Required

To ensure uninterrupted service and maintain the full functionality of your website, we kindly request you to take the following actions:

♦ Update Your Pixels

If you have integrated tracking pixels or third-party tools on your website, you must update their settings to point to the new subdomain "" This step is vital to continue tracking crucial data and analytics accurately.

♦ Update Social Media Links

Review your social media profiles and any other external platforms where you have shared your website's links. Update all instances of "" to "" to ensure a smooth user experience when visitors access your content through social media.

♦ Update Ad Campaign Links

For advertisers who are running ad campaigns, it is crucial to update all campaign links that direct users to your website. Ensure that these links now point to "" to maintain the campaign's effectiveness and prevent any disruption in your marketing efforts.

Support and Assistance

We understand that adapting to changes may present some challenges, and our dedicated support team is here to assist you throughout this process. If you encounter any issues or have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team via [email protected].

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