YouCan Brand

We have a criteria for the use of our logo, colors and typography. Check below each section to learn more.

YouCan Logo

Please don’t edit the logos when using them. Resizing is permitted of course.

Logo youCan white

Use the main logo on white or light backgrounds.

Logo youCan pink

Use the inverted logo on black or dark backgrounds.

Download YouCan Logo

To make use of our Logo , You can download the logo packs in PNG or SVG format.

Sizing of YouCan Logo

Make sure you maintain legibility for print and digital media by using the right dimensions.

Web dimensions

Print dimensions

YouCan Typography

We use Lato as our brand font. Use the following as a guideline.

  • Headline 1

    is Lato Bold at 40px

  • Headline 2

    is Lato Bold at 36px

  • Headline 4

    is Lato Bold at 30px

  • Headline 5

    is Lato Bold at 24px

  • Paragraph

    Paragraph is Lato at 16px

  • Small

    Small is Lato at 14px

YouCan company brand

When to use the YouCan company brand :

  • Newscasts and news programming
  • Editorials
  • Talk shows
  • Partnerships or sponsorships with a formal
    agreement in place with YouCan

YouCan Colors

Our brand color palette.

Blue bar colors Pink bar colors

How to use YouCan Logo

Please avoid the following problems

  • Don’t rotate the logo

  • Don’t stretch or squeeze the logo

  • Don’t use the logo on low-contrast background colors

  • Don’t use shadow

  • Don’t change color of the logo

  • Don’t put text to the logo

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* Legal Notices

YouCan dedicates important resources to the development and protection of its intellectual property. In addition to seeking to register its trademarks and logos worldwide, YouCan also strives to secure its rights against people who misuse its trademarks.The YouCan trademarks, including the YouCan word design and the "YouCan" logo are owned by YouCan and may only be used in accordance with these Guidelines or with the permission of YouCan. A list of some YouCan tags can be found here. You may not use or otherwise claim any YouCan trademark or rights in any YouCan trademark, including any trademark, service mark, company name, trade name, username or domain registration or any part thereof. You may not use the words You or Can in such a way that they are confusingly similar to the YouCan trademark or any part of the YouCan trademark or infringe the rights of YouCan. The same applies to claiming any rights related to these two words. Do not use the YouCan Brands in connection with anything that would conflict with the YouCan Terms or the Community Standards. We may revoke permission to use the YouCan Trademarks at any time. YouCan reserves the right, in its sole discretion, not to approve content that it considers to be inconsistent with the YouCan brand.

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