How to use the All Products section?


In order for you to keep track of your business growth and measure the success of your products, you have the All Products section that gives you an overview of all the products you added to your store with some relevant information that will help you organize your store. This page gives you relevant information that you can base your actions on them to boost your sales. For example, you can know how many orders you receive for each product in your store, based on this information you will recognize the product that your customers like the most and update your inventory. You can also see the tracking of your products in the inventory in order to restock the products if needed. All this information is grouped in one dashboard which makes it easy to use. 

Once you enter the All products section, you will see the following elements :

  • Photo of each product.

  • Name of the product.

  • The price of the product.

  • The quantity in inventory for each product.

  • The number of orders received for each product.

  • Whether the product is visible or not in your store.

  • The date and time of the creation of each product.

  • The ability to preview the product in your store.

  • Icon to edit the product if needed. 

  • The ability to delete the product.

  • The ability to duplicate the product.

Make sure to always take a look at this section and pay attention to the products that sell the most and those that do not so you can adjust your inventory based on that.

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