How to use the Reviews section


When customers buy from online shops, they will naturally check the review section to see how people find the product which means you need to take care of this section and make it likable so your customers will trust you and will purchase from your store. YouCan made it possible for you to customize this part giving you the Review page.

Once you click on the review page, you will have an overview of all the existing reviews you created, you can enable or disable them, edit them or delete them. 

You have all the settings you need in order to include as many details as you need, follow these steps to create positive reviews for your products :

1- Click on Add a review.

2- Fill out the page you will be directed to. Include the full name and the email address of the profile that will be displayed next to the review.

3- Search for the product you want to add a review for and select it.

4- Specify the number of stars that will appear next to the review, they indicate how much the product is liked.

5- In the description section you can add a comment about the product.

6- You can also include pictures of the product in real life. 

7- Don’t forget to click on Save to create your review.

Remember that this section helps you to create a positive environment for your products and your brand’s reputation, so it is important to stay truthful and avoid exaggeration so the customers can trust you. 

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