How to use the Categories section?


They way you organize your store tells a lot about the quality of the service you will offer to your customers. Since the first interaction with you and with your potential customers is made through their experience using your store, you need to pay attention to how you set it up. Adding products without putting them into categories will only confuse the clients and will make it hard for them to find what they are looking for. With YouCan, you have the possibility to categorize your products easily.

PS: please do not delete collections that are previously designed with the activation of your store.

Steps to add a new category:

  1. Click on Add Category 
  2. Enter the name of the category
  3. Customize the slug of the category 
  4. Add a description and upload a thumbnail for the category 

PS: you can create a category and hide it from your store if you want to, to do this you can simply uncheck the box ‘Show on collection page’.

You can choose the order in which the products in a category will be displayed. The 'Sort by' section gives you several options, you can either choose to have the products organized alphabetically, by price (most expensive to least expensive), or from oldest to newest.  Check out this video for more details. 

To see the whole process of creating a category, watch this video

Steps to add a sub-category:

Subcategories help you to have more organized collections. They are small categories within a single category that allow you to structure the products you sell. For example, if you sell books, notepads and any other product related to this theme, thanks to the subcategory, you will be able to categorize the book collection into several subcategories; science fiction books, philosophy books and so on.

The process of creating a sub-category is similar to the process of creating a category: 

Follow the steps for creating a new category and in the parent category section, choose the category you want to assign the subcategory to and click save.

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