How can I get started in dropshipping?

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  • 08/05/2024

Dropshipping offers a simple and quickest way to venture into the world of e-commerce. It enables you to commence without requiring substantial capital or inventory management responsibilities. 

It's an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who want to launch an online business with minimum expenses. Below we detail the essential steps for getting started in dropshipping.

1. Discovering your niche

Before venturing into the world of e-commerce in general, and dropshipping more specifically, it is of utmost importance to identify a feasible business idea that will be a seamless entry into the online sales market. It is advisable to conduct research on the most popular products in the market and also explore fresh and untapped business opportunities.

2. Establishing Supplier Relationships

It is essential to find suppliers who can provide you with the products you wish to sell. You can accomplish this by perusing wholesale selling platforms or contacting product manufacturers.

3. Creating an online store 

Creating a user-friendly and professional online store is essential. There are many platforms available today to create a professional online store. These platforms vary in terms of ease of use, cost, features, available functionalities, and other financial and technical aspects. Therefore, try to choose the platform that aligns with your needs and budget.

Among these platforms, we can mention:








And others…

4. Effective Product Marketing

Harness the influential potential of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to market your products and expand your reach to a broader audience.


5. Efficient Operations Management

Effectively oversee the daily operations of your store by efficiently processing orders, responding promptly and professionally to customer inquiries, consistently monitoring supplier inventory, and tracking shipments to ensure products are delivered to customers in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Tools and tips to help you find your niche

Finding the right "niche" is the foremost critical aspect to contemplate when entering the realm of e-commerce and engaging in dropshipping. Presently, there exists a wide array of tools at your disposal to aid you in this endeavor, and from these tools, we have handpicked the ones most suitable for you...

1. Google Trends: This tool enables you to discover the keywords that people are searching for on Google, assisting you in understanding the primary trends and current interests of consumers.

2. Google Keyword Planner: is a digital marketing tool offered by Google. It enables users to search for the most common keywords related to their products or services on the Google search engine. This helps businesses and advertisers understand popular search terms, plan their online advertising campaigns, and optimize their content to target relevant audiences effectively.

3. Amazon Best Sellers: is a feature on the Amazon online marketplace that showcases the top-selling products across various categories. These products are ranked based on their sales performance and popularity within a specific time frame. The list is constantly updated, providing valuable insights into trending and popular items, making it a helpful resource for both shoppers and sellers on the platform.

4. SpyFu: is a competitive intelligence tool used in digital marketing. It allows users to research and analyze their competitors' online advertising strategies, including their top-performing keywords, ad copy, and budget. Additionally, SpyFu provides insights into competitors' organic search rankings and domain statistics, helping businesses gain a better understanding of their market position and make more informed marketing decisions.

5. Sell The Trend: Sell The Trend is a comprehensive dropshipping platform and e-commerce tool designed to assist entrepreneurs in finding profitable products to sell online. The platform offers a range of features, including product research tools, competitor analysis, and trend forecasting. Users can identify popular products, uncover winning niches, and get insights into the market demand to optimize their dropshipping businesses effectively. Sell The Trend aims to streamline the process of product selection and boost success in the competitive world of e-commerce.

6. Dsers: Dsers is a multi-platform dropshipping tool designed to simplify and automate the order fulfillment process for e-commerce businesses. It is primarily used in conjunction with the AliExpress platform. DSers allows users to manage multiple orders, process bulk orders quickly, and automatically sync tracking numbers and order status updates. The tool aims to enhance efficiency and streamline operations for dropshippers, making it easier to handle a large volume of orders and provide a smoother experience for customers.

7. Find Niche: is a dropshipping research tool that helps e-commerce entrepreneurs identify profitable niches and products to sell online. The platform provides valuable insights and data on various niches, including trending products, market demand, and potential competition. By using Find Niche, users can make data-driven decisions to select the most suitable products for their dropshipping businesses, increasing the chances of success and profitability.

8. AliShark: this is a powerful dropshipping research tool that is specifically designed to work with the AliExpress platform. It allows e-commerce entrepreneurs to find trending and profitable products for their dropshipping businesses. With AliShark, users can access a wide range of data, including product sales performance, pricing history, and supplier information. Additionally, the tool offers competitor analysis and trend forecasting features, helping users to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the competitive dropshipping market. AliShark aims to streamline product research and boost success for dropshippers using the AliExpress platform.

9. Ahrefs: is a comprehensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) toolset used by digital marketers and website owners to analyze and improve their online presence. The platform offers a wide range of features, including website backlink analysis, keyword research, competitor analysis, and rank tracking. Ahrefs provides valuable insights into a website's search traffic, helping users identify opportunities for improving their search engine rankings and optimizing their content. It is a valuable tool for those looking to enhance their website's visibility and performance in search engine results.

10. Social Media Platforms: By monitoring conversations on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, current trends and widely shared interests among the audience can be identified, thereby enabling access to a suitable "niche".

11. Searching for Consumer Solutions: It is possible to search for problems people encounter and attempt to find solutions to these issues. Consequently, this information can be used to identify the appropriate "niche".

These tools can be used individually or collectively to effectively identify the appropriate niche and start dropshipping successfully.

The most recommended websites to start dropshipping

There are many websites specifically catering to those interested in dropshipping. Below are some recommended sites to start in this field (It is advisable to research each site to learn more about them and their suitability for your business requirements).

1 ــ  AliExpress: is an online retail platform operated by the Alibaba Group, based in China. It allows international buyers to purchase a wide variety of products directly from Chinese suppliers at competitive prices. AliExpress is popular among consumers worldwide for its vast selection of goods, ranging from electronics and fashion to home and garden items. It is widely used by dropshippers as a source for sourcing products to sell in their online stores.

2 ــ Alibaba: is a leading B2B (business-to-business) marketplace connecting global buyers and suppliers. Additionally, Alibaba owns other popular platforms like AliExpress (for international retail) and Taobao (for online shopping in China). The company is renowned for its significant influence in the global e-commerce industry and its diverse range of products and services.

3 ــ Amazon: is the largest online store in the world, offering the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) platform that allows users to store their products in Amazon's warehouses and have them shipped to customers directly by Amazon.

4 ــ eBay: It is one of the largest e-commerce websites globally, showcasing millions of products and suppliers from all around the world. Therefore, it is also an ideal choice for finding suppliers and starting dropshipping.

5 - DHgate: Users can buy products directly from Chinese suppliers at wholesale prices and have them shipped directly to their final customers, offering a convenient AliExpress substitute.

6 - SaleHoo: It provides users with a range of trusted suppliers and products for dropshipping, along with numerous tools that facilitate the dropshipping process.

7 - Oberlo: It allows users to search for suppliers and products on Shopify, while also providing shipping and marketing services.

8 - Modalyst: It provides users with a wide range of suppliers and products for dropshipping and excels in allowing users to efficiently track inventory and orders.

9 - Wholesale2B: It enables users to access millions of products from suppliers worldwide and facilitates seamless purchasing, selling, and inventory management processes.

10 - Doba: offers a vast array of products from suppliers around the world, along with providing users with some tools to help them succeed in the dropshipping process, including analysis and sales forecasting tools, and marketing and promotional tools. Additionally, Doba offers shipping, storage, direct delivery, and other services that aid users in streamlining the dropshipping process.

11 ــ CJdropshipping: It provides direct shipping and supplies products from various suppliers around the world, including China, America, Europe, Canada, and others. Additionally, it offers different marketing tools to assist in promoting products and increasing sales.

12 ــ Spocket: it focuses on providing high-quality products from American and European suppliers, and offers to users the option to filter products by country and geographic region, allowing them to find suitable products for their target market. Users can also customize invoices using their own branding.

Thus, these websites share a set of common points while also distinguishing themselves with unique features, all geared towards streamlining the dropshipping process. Therefore, regardless of the site you choose to rely on, it is essential to check supplier ratings and customer reviews to select the most suitable supplier for you and your business.

We now believe that you have a comprehensive understanding of the dropshipping field and everything it entails. Therefore, if your decision is to embark on this journey today, it is crucial not to expect immediate positive results and not to perceive this field as effortlessly easy. In reality, it demands dedicated and continuous effort, a strong business mindset that embraces losses before gains, and an open-minded approach to all possibilities.

However, it is worth mentioning that despite some challenges faced in this industry, it remains one of the fastest-growing and most opportunity-rich sectors in e-commerce. Consequently, investing in it can be rewarding.

Good luck

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