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Congrats on making the first step and deciding to start your ecommerce journey. In order to help you confidently enter this world, we've prepared this checklist with essential keys and steps to guide you in launching your business with ease. 

We curated this list for you to learn how to nail keys tasks: 

  • Learn about ecommerce
  • Get your store ready
  • Design your store
  • Make your store visible 
  • Test before you launch
  • Market your business
  • Analyze your results
  • Keep in touch with your customer

Learn about ecommerce

First of all, you have to gain some knowledge in this field, you can't start a business without having a clear idea about the metrics, the tips the tricks, and everything, for that:

  • We have an easy-to-follow training program, you can avail yourself of this opportunity with the renowned expert, "Simolife".
  • Network! Get to groups that have the same interests as you (Ex: YouCan official group), ask questions about what you want to do, and always Google it!
  • Decide on which niche you will be working on and which product(s), for that you have to take the time to benchmark, search and compare till you decide on what your business will look like.

Get your store ready

To embark on your professional online journey, start with creating your account on the YouCan platform. Your store will be your first real step in starting your business and getting into it, so here are some important tips to follow:

  • Enter your accurate information in the registration.
  • Choose a distinguished name for your store.
  • Decide on the language in which you will sell your products or services.
  • Choose the currency that you will use for pricing and transactions.
  • Verify your email address.
  • Activate your store starting from just $1.
  • Choose the payment gateway that you prefer for receiving payments.
  • Add your shipping zones and adjust your preferences to your business plan.
  • Check our pricing plans, and if you are a total beginner better stick with the commission program.

Design your store

Now that you created your store and you filled in the important information about your business, it's time for the look: How your store will look has a huge impact on your customers, means on your sales, so take your time and make sure to create a store that will stand out. 

  • Add the logo you want to feature as your brand, along with your favicon.
  •  Add your products or services to your store, showcase your creativity, and develop compelling descriptions that highlight the value of what you're offering. Pay attention to all the details when setting up your products.
  • Categorize your products appropriately to be easily found.
  • Customize your theme and make sure to choose what suits your business the best.
  • Make sure to adjust your theme basics settings to match the design you chose for your store.

Make your store visible 

Now that you set up your store and is ready to be seen by customers and visitors:

  • Check if your maintenance mode is not activated, if that was the case, deactivate it!
  • Add a domain name to your store for a professional touch (PS: you can link your domain with 2 methods, choose what suits you best).

Test before you launch

One of the reasons why ad campaigns fail is that the seller does not test the store before marketing it, that's a huge mistake. You have to be sure that the purchase process is smooth and has no flaws. Here are a few ideas on how to test your store:

  • Make test orders with different checkout forms.
  • If you are having a COD as a payment gateway, test the delivery process.
  • If you have an online payment gateway. Test failed and successful transactions, test refunding and canceling transactions, test adding multiple accounts to stripe.
  • Test the email notifications, and adjust your email templates to your business language.

Market your business

Most importantly, market your store! If you had previously this question of how my customers will find me, this is your answer: Make sure to choose the right channel to promote your products on. Do some research, and re-watch again our courses on how to launch Facebook ads If that is what you want to promote, from our side, here are some useful features that will help you sell better: 

  • Enable customers to assess your products or services and share their feedback on the quality of your service by activating the reviews feature.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and engagement by offering a simple checkout process featuring minimal form fields.
  • Try using Up-Selling techniques to increase your profits per sale.
  • Offer coupons to your customers as a promotional tactic for your products, or services.
  • Enjoy the benefits of the apps available on the YouCan platform for free.

Analyze your results

You are excited, you get your first sale! so do we, because your success is our success. Now it's analyzing time, yes the first sale is exciting but its main goal was to get results that you get to investigate to know what you did well and what needs to be improved for better results and to scale in your business. Make use of your insights tab and take a look at the orders you received, from where they are coming how many visitors you get Vs how many purchases you had, what is your conversion rate, and how it can be improved...

Keep in touch with your customer

A customer is not a one-time visitor, he can be a loyal customer that will always come back to you and can even speak to other people about you, so always make sure to maintain a good relationship with your customer during the purchase process and even after it, because any additional sale is a step ahead toward making your dreams come true.

  • If you need any help or have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team.
  • Keep exploring this help center to discover all the features available on the dashboard, subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay up-to-date by following us on various social media platforms:

Best of luck!

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