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Welcome again to the YouCan platform. To help you confidently enter the world of e-commerce, we've prepared this checklist with essential keys and steps to guide you in launching your e-commerce business with ease. We hope it will be a valuable resource for you.

✦ To start with, if you're interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of e-commerce and want to benefit from a basic, easy-to-follow training program, you can avail yourself of this opportunity with the renowned expert, "Simolife".

✦ To embark on your professional online selling journey, first create your account on the YouCan platform. Here are some important tips to follow:

  • Ensure that you enter your information accurately.
  • put a distinguished name for your store.
  • Decide on the language in which you will sell your products or services.
  • Choose the currency that you will use for pricing and transactions.

✦ Verify your email address, activate your store starting from just $1, and choose the payment gateway that you prefer for receiving payments.

Invest some time in getting to know your dashboard, and understand the roles played by the sections and options in the seller area.

✦ Add the logo you want to feature as your brand, along with your favicon.

✦ Customize the design of your store to present it with a distinctive appearance, and choose the theme that matches the style of your business.

✦ Introducing new products or services to your customers is an exciting stage that allows you to showcase your creativity and come up with compelling descriptions that highlight the value of what you're offering. Make sure you pay attention to all the details when setting up your products.

✦ Categorize your products appropriately and make sure they appear on the home page.

✦ Change the default settings to provide your customers with a diverse shopping experience with simple actions.

✦ Enable customers to assess your products or services and share their feedback on the quality of your service by activating the reviews feature.

✦ Enhance customer satisfaction and engagement by offering a checkout process that is simple and streamlined, featuring minimal form fields.

Try using Up-Selling techniques to increase your profits per sale.

✦ Offer coupons to your customers as a promotional tactic for your products, or services.

✦ Take advantage of our free multi-currency converter to facilitate your business growth.

✦ Enjoy the benefits of the apps available on the YouCan platform for free.

✦ If you're looking to give your customers several choices for shipping and delivery, it's an uncomplicated process. You can control the specifics of the shipping price according to location and purchase value with ease.

✦ Invest in a domain to give your business a more professional and trustworthy image.

 If you need any help or have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

Ultimately, it's worth exploring the option of launching an advertising campaign on social media as it can help you reach a larger pool of potential customers and start generating profits.

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Best of luck!

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